Saturday, April 5, 2008

Easing back into it

Well, my pain / soreness in my left leg hamstring / knee is still there but it comes and goes. I saw my normal doctor in early March to get a referal to a good PT person but that didn't help. I was referred to a neurological doctor. All the tests came back negative with them. Of course it did because it is some sort of a muscle pull not related to the nerves. So in March I had two weeks completely off from running. One week was also due to the flu.

I have ran 5 runs since the time off and illness. Those runs weren't the best but slowly I felt my pace was coming back. The leg is kinda sore when I run but bareable. However, on April 3rd, after my run I stretched and foam rolled my leg and immediately after my leg was super painful to walk on. I have been icing it on and off and doing short walk breaks at work. That seems to help but I don't know if my leg can take running on it for the distance I need to get in.
If this marathon was anywhere but Copenhagen, Denmark I would cancel. I know my leg needs to heal from whatever is causing the pain and it won't go away with the continued increase in long run mileage. This is not how I wanted this race to go. I'm just hoping to get to the start line. I just know the feelings of running a marathon and I sometimes don't know if my leg will be able to handle the distance on race day. I am trying to stay positive but it's hard and every run I do the pain is there somewhat. It just doesn't feel like last fall's training for Columbus.

There is 43 days to go. I don't think I can afford anymore days off from running as my long run days haven't been long and they end with a big decrease in pace. Doing shorter runs feel fine but not %100 but anything over 9/10 miles isn't fun. I know it's not supposr to be fun but they don't feel like they should. I keep saying it's mostly mental. I do see myself crossing the finish line. So that's a plus. I'll keep at it.