Tuesday, January 22, 2008

1st week down - 17 more to go!

I survived my first week on the Pfitz's plan. Wasn't too much of an increase but when I look ahead to the schedule I get scared. So I'm taking the appoarch one day at a time. I feel if I can stick with it and get the medium-long runs to feel comfortable I'll have a huge PR. You can't beat that.

I'm really focusing on staying in the certain ranges for each run. I would normally run my reovery runs to fast. The other days I rest. Getting that extra 2 hours of sleep is wonderful.

1-14 = Biked 30 mins on my trainer.
1-15 = Did 7 miles outside in the freezing cold. ave pace was 10:43.
1-17 = Did 9 miles and went to the treadmill. . 40 combined with warm up and cool down. I hate that thing but the windchill was a little to far into the negative for my tastes. ave pace was 10:33.
1-19 = Did 12 miles in a sports dorm due to dangergously low windchills. Ave pace was 11:52. I ran with someone doing 4:1's and we had 6 short breaks.
1-20 = Did 4 miles on the treadmill. Recovery run of ave pace of 12:29.
Total miles 32.40

This week is a little confusing. I'm in full marathon training mode but have a half marathon on Saturday. I truely hope TOM will hold off until after the run. I won't have a taper as I have 10 miles to do on thursday. That leaves Friday with a rest day. I always take this half marathon as a new starting point for the year. I would really love to PR here but the cold weather conditions have me worried. I would really love a sub 2 hours but I think that is a stretch. Maybe my goal should be 2:05:xxx as that would be a 3 min improvement over my last one in August. Will keep you posted.

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