Sunday, March 9, 2008

Down and Out! Injured

Well, it's been awhile since I last posted. Just as what I suspected Pfitz was too much for me to handle. Weekly mileage including the half marathon weekend: 36, 32, 35, 25, 28, 23, 0. Somewhere along the way I didn't listen to my body soon enough. I seem to be injured and the pain / soreness isn't going away. I have pain in my lower back right side and pain in my left leg the whole leg from the hip to the ankle. I saw my normal doctor and I have an apt with neurological doctor on the 17th. That's another week. She looked at my xray of my lower back and was concerned. I'm was just hoping for a referal to a good PT person. She thinks it may be a pinched nerve. I've looked that up but not all of it applies. The strange thing is that sort of pain always appears training for a Spring Marathon.

So I ran 1 mile to test out the level of pain or if it's just magnified in my mind, pace was good and that's about it. This isn't looking good. My back felt fine. It's mainly my left leg that is the issue. It's the hamstring that is still super tight but the soreness and pain is in the bending motion of the knee and the muscles and tendons of the upper calf. The knee felt fine it's just all the attachement to it like the hamstring and calf. It felt like there wasn't enough strenght to push off the ground to sustain all the pounding. Running uphill is where I slowed but straight way wasn't looking good either. I just don't get it. I'm 9 weeks out to the marathon. Argh!!

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