Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Future Topics!

--How do I know if I have what it takes to run a half marathon or a marathon?
--How to find a running club
--How to pick a training plan
--Finding a good running bra
--Finding good shoes
--Injuries in the First Person--my (insert body part) hurts and what I did
--Personal Safety
--Significant Races
--How do I get faster?
--Picking a marathon
--Can I lose weight while training?
--Finding time to run
--Finding time to train
--What to wear to run in what condition
--Treadmill training
--Turning your event into a family vacation
--Gadgets, gizmos and accessories (GPS, Hydration kits, baby joggers anything that helps us!)
--Returning to running after an extended period


SuperMelRunning said...

How about the topic - Getting back into running back a long layoff, injury or pregnancy.

RunJulieRun said...

That is a great topic! Feel free to write about it.