Friday, June 15, 2007

Twas The Night Before My First Marathon

Well, I'm about to run my first marathon, I still can't believe it's here. As a fun way to visualize myself completing it I felt compelled to create a poem to remind me of how far I've come.



Twas the Night before my first marathon, when all through the house
I was trying to fall asleep, curled up next to my spouse;

My body was hydrated and nourished with care,
In hopes that the finish line soon would be there;

My Optima Orange mixture was poured in my bottles;
In hopes that its formula would result in full throttle;

I lay back and envisioned me in my mesh runner’s cap,
My mind racing as I went over the 26.2 mi course map;

When all of a sudden it was morning, it was time!
I sprang from my bed, I was ready, I was primed!

Away to the kitchen I flew like a sprinter,
And took in the Northern MN scenery, glad it wasn’t winter.

The sun was not up yet, the lake was still dark
But the energy of 9000 runners was making its mark

And suddenly, just then, as I stood in the hall
Out peaked the sun, saying morning to all!

I devoured my breakfast, a carb/protein feast
I would successfully battle the race jitters beast

We loaded the cars on the way to the bus
The mood was calm, no one made a fuss

The bus took us away up the road to Two Harbors
Everyone chattering, like you would to your barber

Hello! Good Morning! Fine Day for a Run!
I hear it might rain! Watch out for the Sun!

Is this your first one? Your first Marathon?
Good Luck! Have a Blast! You’ll Be a Pro Before Long!

I smiled and thought I’m not sure about that,
But then we rounded a bend, the start sign in view
And I got off the bus, the crisp air filled with dew

I wandered around, my sister in tow
Both wondering and waiting, how long till we go?

We found my friend Linda, under the right pace sign
And waited and waited until it was time.

We lined up and pondered whose idea was this?
I could be sleeping or relaxing with Chris!? (DH)

But no time for doubts, with a bang we were off!
We stood there, then walked, then started to trot.

Pretty soon we were running, and at a good clip
A volunteer offered me water and I took a big sip.

We ran and we walked and we ran and we walked,
We remembered our supporters, about them we talked

My running skirt flapped, my brow started to sweat
I poured water on my head, my team jersey proudly wet

We ticked off the miles, 5, 10, and 15,
It was getting warmer, the lake was pristine
(I thought am I really doing this, is this all a dream?)

We ran and we walked and we ran some more
What could be better then running along the North Shore?

Down Highway 61 we ran and we ran
Taking it all in, the beauty, the rigor, the fans

We racked up the miles, we started to slow
But we wouldn’t give in when fatigue tried to show

I listened to my breathing, steady and smooth
I could do it, I’d make it, success would I choose

Mile 17, and 18, 19, and 20
My body was starting to say, “Hey! This is Plenty!”

But I was nearing the end, the farthest I’d ran!
I’d followed my program, this was part of the plan!

We entered Duluth, the trickiest part
You think that you’re done, but that’s sure a lark!

2 more miles to go, running through town
The crowds cheering madly, I didn't dare frown!

Then what to our wondering eyes should appear,
But the finish line sign and the crowds they did cheer

The finish was close, the clock was in sight
I knew I wouldn't have trouble sleeping tonight!

And then we were there, crossing the line
We had made it, together, and in a pretty good time!

We took a quick photo, proof of our feat!
Grabbed bananas and water, slim fast, and carbo treats

We had done it, we finished, 26.2 miles!
And all we could do was just smile, smile, smile.


winner62 said...

You are sooo funny! I love your poem! Good luck baby!

RunJulieRun said...

This is wonderful! Please write one about the post marathon recovery!

Jenna said...

What a great poem! Hope you have a great race!

SuperMelRunning said...

Wow, you sound like you already ran your marathon. I can vision myself throughout the poem on the course. Great job. I swear you must be a writer. You next poem should be "Twas The Night After My First Marathon" :)