Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Injuries--Peeling the Onion!

I feel like I've been "peeling the onion" with my injuries since I started running. It sems like each injury is another layer in figuring out what needs to happen for me to run.

While training for my first 10K 3 years ago, I was running in my neighborhood. The streets in our neighborhood are narrow, and they slope to allow drainage into the ditch. You are supposed to run facing into the traffic for safety, so I was always running with my left leg on the slope. Soon I had a pain in my hip that I blamed on my dog pulling me into a ditch while she was chasing a rabbit.

I stopped running for a while after that, and took it up again for the same 10K a year later. This time I ran on a local path and didn't really have much pain. I developed Runner's Knee and switched to more supportive inserts and that started going away. I ran 2 half mararthons and my first full marathon.

I then started a Winter base building program. Due to our super-snowy Winter in Colorado, I spent most of my time running on a treadmill. This altered my gait to the point where I got a pinched sciatic nerve and a pain around my hip that just hurt sometimes when I ran but mostly when I sat.

I went to my massage therapist and talked to her about this. I go for a Sports Massage about once a month. She told me that she thinks my pain is ITBS and that I should work with my foam roller and also on strengthening my lower back.

I am trying this, but I'm starting to wonder if I will ever run injury free.

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