Thursday, July 26, 2007

Athlete, Me?

How I see myself may not be the way that someone else does. To me I think an athlete is a professional individual who has a toned sculpted body competing on a high level or is good at what they do. Others may precive me as an athlete but my self image does catergize myself there. For instance do these marathon times, 5 hours 39 minutes, 5 hours 38 minutes, 5 hours 58 minutes, 5 hours 11 minutes, conjure up the imagine of an athlete? To me they don’t. They are the image of a back of the pack runner hoping to finish before they tear down the finish line. So, therefore, I don't consider myself as an athlete. I look at those times and see the determination of completing something that has been started. I do though think of myself as an active person who likes to do endurance events and put in the training required. I train hard for any improvement seen and to acheive goals set. These gains however aren’t from natural talent. Crosing the finish line is more about mental strength and fortitude rather than phyiscal ability. I am competitive but only with myself as a progression of my improvement. So I wonder I can run and bike and finish events entered but does that make me an athlete? Who decides what I am? I may be an ‘everyday’ athlete that inspires other that know me but not in the context of a ‘professional’ athlete. Being active and healthly is the most important part no matter if you consider yourself an athlete or not. Being out there is all that matters and that you are having fun. Again, I ask, me an athlete. Maybe my mindset will get there.

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Oh 2 Run said...

You are a runner, you are an athlete. It is runners like you that continue to define "real athletes".