Monday, July 9, 2007

Running is a Simple Sport?

You read books about running and they say it is such a wonderful, simple sport because all you need is a good pair of shoes--and a good bra if you are female.

So how come I need so much stuff? Last Saturday I had (from head to toe)
  • Running hat (protects head, absorbs sweat, keeps sun out of my eyes)
  • Sunglasses (protects eyes from both Sun and flying insects)
  • Running bra (absolutely essential)
  • Heart Rate Monitor strap
  • Garmin 305 GPS and sport watch
  • Running shorts'
  • Sport Glide and Vaseline for Toes, feet, bra straps
  • Asics Kayano socks
  • Asics Kayano shoes with SuperFeet insoles
  • Sunscreen

I also carried:

  • Camelbak FlashFlo (with 1 liter of Gu2O orange flavor)
  • 1 Gu brand sports gel (plain flavor)
  • Tissues
  • 1 Bike bottle with ice and water (left in car for after the run)
  • Blue Ice reusable cooler pack (left in car)
  • 1 Can of Lactose Free Slimfast French Vanilla drink (left in car on blue ice pack for post-run)
All of this for a 10 mile run (1:37)

Admittedly, I would not need to get all of this ready if I ran out and back from my house. I drive to my favorite running trail because I like the gravel path, and the slant on my neighborhood streets aggravate my ITBS. I also like to run with my training group.

I always say I carry this stuff because I'm a mom, and I like to be prepared and find the feeling that I have what I need to be comforting. Still, I show up for my group runs and people don't have water, don't have gel, didn't eat breakfast, don't wear sunscreen. Most of my fellow group members are 15-20 years younger than I am--but should I be taking less, or should they be taking more?

In a way I envy them--not having the extra weight and all. But then I hear them talking about how tired they are for the rest of the day, and how they don't recover from their runs. This year I have been feeling pretty good after about an hour of rest after my long runs.

Maybe my stuff and I are just fine!


Megan said...

I carry just about all of that too! Plus in my fuel belt pouch, band aids and breath mints. Because you never know when you will get a blister 5 miles from home and if you stop, someone may try to help you, hence the mints.

I also have a SmartID on my running shoe, with my emergency contact info, just in case I lose the ability to speak!

ReneeMc said...

I'm definitely in the less is more camp. I generally need to be convinced to bring water, and I just have a handheld carrier. I teased my brother when he was visiting because he did a whole long run (about 15-17 miles) in a strange city, through sketchy neighborhoods without anything but water. But I do the same thing regularly. Hell, this weekend I even forgot a Gu!
The only time I have a really tough recovery, though, is when I don't have enough fuel.

I suppose if I carried more stuff it might make races seem easier. Plains Indians used to train for races wearing rocks on their legs, so when they took them off it was as if they were light as a feather.

I think the running-as-simple comes from the reality of most runners: 3-5 miles a couple of days a week.

Oh 2 Run said...

I am with you. I decided it is a mom thing. I am always prepared for just about anything when I run. I find the older I get the more crap it takes to get me through a workout.

Ps...Love your blog! And I am with you - "don't think, just run!"