Monday, July 23, 2007

Someone give me a kick in the pants, please!

OK, I'm having a major existential crisis here! Well, maybe not an existential crisis, but a running crisis for sure. I just can't get out the door. So I'm putting it down in writing, right here and now, that I'm running tonight.

My training schedule say 6 mile tempo run (10:26 miles). Or I'll do my 11-miler long run that I blew off yesterday when laying on the couch reading all day. OY.

I'll report in later this evening, you heard it here first.

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Oh 2 Run said...

Nothing wrong with a little time off I say! But, since you want to be held to it --- was your run?!? If you don't do 6, tell yourself you will just venture out for 10 minutes...anyone can do 10 minutes. :}